5 Things to Consider before You Buy a Network Switch

5 Things to Consider before You Buy a Network Switch

Today, almost every small and large business has built their network which requires some basic hardware. The basic hardware for your home and business network is a data switch. It allows several computers to connect each other and other networking devices like IP and VOIP Phones, printers, IP cameras together on the same network. We can also set their priority level as well like High priority, medium priority and low priority. Since there are a wide variety of network switches like 5, 8, 16, 24, or 48 ports switch available in the market, but which one is the best for your actual needs?

On the below page there are several things considered before buying a network switch. After viewing all the points, you should be able to identify the best switches which suit all your requirements. Careful planning before buying a networking switch and save money.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Network Switch

  1. Number of ports

The number of port means how many networking devices you can connect to the switch.  No. of ports is usually one of the greatest factors to consider. A network switch usually offers 8 ports, 12 ports, 24 ports, and 48 ports. So select the switch that supports enough number of ports for your devices. If you think that you add more devices in the future, then you choose the better option in advance.

For Example: For a small business network (up to twenty users) one 24 port switch might be sufficient in the long run.

  1. Speed

Speed is always one of the most important factors that people concern most. Currently, the network switches easily handle 1,100 which are sufficient for the home and small businesses.

Therefore, choose the best network switch that provides appropriate speed according to your need. When you are building a large network you might have one or more switches acting as the “core” — these buttons will need to end up being fast and handle the heavy traffic. Usually, a high-performance switch will work regarding a core switch. Entry switches, in which the individual customers connect, is going to be slower compared to a core switch.

1. Routing requirements

Does your switch need a router as well? Plus if therefore, does it need to act since a dynamic router or static? Your routing specifications will usually dictate what collection or line you require and they can impact prices dramatically.

2. Price

Price is always the most important factor when buying anything. There are wide varieties of different switches available in the market, such as the Gigabit PoE switch, managed switch and unmanaged switch and their prices vary as per their specifications. So for that, you can establish a budget for your network switch. Did your network need to end up being fast with low latency? Do you need in order to transfer large volumes associated with data between devices? Efficiency demands on your change will help you determine the type of switch that is best for you. Gigabit Ethernet is very typical these days and regarding bigger networks, you may consider 10GbE or even more.

3. Warranty

The base guarantee offered by the producer is usually a reflection of the quality associated with the product. Ideally, a person wants a lifetime guarantee but 3-year warranty might be a minimum requirement. If the switch is mission-critical in order to your network then appearance for 24×7 support plus fast replacement of faulty units.


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